Student Created Video: How to Conduct a Home Water Audit

Students participating in the 2016 Desert EYE for Leaders program were encouraged to do projects related to water and drought. Drought is a big concern and challenge in California’s water management efforts.

This short video was created by the Toro Canyon Middle School Green Team for their 2016 Desert EYE for Leaders project.

One of the goals of the Desert EYE for Leaders program is to encourage students to pursue college courses and careers in environmental sciences, and students who do so may find themselves at the forefront of efforts to address drought and water management issues.

In addition to learning about environmental issues, students are instructed in how to use communications technologies to document their service learning projects as well as to use them as a tool for the awareness raising component of their project.


Student Created Water Awareness Video PSA

This short video psa was created by one of the Desert EYE for Leaders (Environmental Youth Experience) student teams.

Southern California is experiencing extreme drought, and many other places across the United States and the world are also in drought. The students were encouraged to address water and drought for their environmental service learning projects this year.