Desert EYE for Leaders 2016 Kickoff Conference Evaluation Form

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If you attended the Desert EYE for Leaders 2016 Kickoff Conference, please fill out this evaluation form. Please fill this out only if you attended the Conference.

Thank you for sharing your feedback! It is very valuable and helps us plan a great event for you each year!



Desert EYE 2016 Project Report Form #1

Woohoo you’ve made it through the Desert EYE for Leaders Conference 2016 and now it’s time time to start your environmental service learning projects!

Please fill out this report form so we can track your project’s progress. We will ask for reports periodically while you work on your projects.

Why Do I Have to Fill Out This Report?

Hopefully, the Desert EYE (Environmental Youth Experience) program will have you considering the possibilities of a future career in environmental sciences, as well as recognizing the importance of serving the community. Should you pursue a career in environmental sciences or the non-profit service sector, filling out reports will come with your job. Good record keeping and reporting are necessary for:

  • documenting a problem or challenge that needs to be met
  • researching solutions to those problems or challenges
  • outlining plans of action to address the problems and challenges
  • documenting progress made in addressing the problems and challenges
  • providing record of your successes, and how those successes have impacted the environment and community affected by the problems and challenges you addressed
  • providing record of what efforts didn’t work, so you can learn from that, add it to your research, and formulate alternative actions that will provide better results
  • demonstrating to public and private funding sources that the programs you are working on are necessary and deserving of their support
  • raising public awareness of the issues you are addressing, and encouraging the public to get involved in helping to solve those issues, and urging their government representatives to support your program’s efforts
  • many more reasons!

The Desert EYE for Leaders program aims to give you this real world experience as you plan and carry out your projects. Filling out this report form will give you some practical experience in stating your project goals, what issue(s) you will be addressing, and what your next steps will be as you carry out your project.

Desert EYE for Leaders 2016 Project Report Form #1

Please fill out this form by February 12, 2016.